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Variations, "Purple Rain" Tributes to Prince

This is my favorite Prince song — I still don't  even know what he was talking about, but the song always sounded mournful to me, and evoked emotions buried just under the surface. It was just soulful in a way that defies explanation. Maybe somebody can explain, but I can't
Among the many tributes after his death, including pilgrimages to Minnesota, my favorites came from the artists who honored Prince with their own renditions of "Purple Rain" — Cynthia Erivo and Jennifer Hudson leading the cast of "The Color Purple" in an old-fashioned soul-touching gospel music style that grabs your heart and bring you to tears (unless you are a stone.)
Enjoy them all,  but please not at the same time.

Springsteen and the E St. Band sounds like Bruce

Maroon 5's Adam Levine rocks it.

Buffet has a country twang.

And these guys below, none famous, giving it their all. From Minneapolis

From Australia

A college showcase performance a week before Prince died posted in tribu…
"We just lost the greatest recording artist of all time. " This piece in The Daily Beast posted on the day Prince died pretty much says it all. I'm amazed by the wave of heartfelt tributes after the news broke. I'm surprised by how deeply moved I was by the passing of a person I did not know. I'm struck by the outpouring of love from so many young people who weren't even born when "Purple Rain" — the movie and the song —first blew me away.

What was it about this man that has so many seemingly differing souls feeling the loss? What is it that we share?

Going through the Prince playlist, and listening again to recordings I hadn't heard in ages, it occurs to me that he was transcendent—spanning  genres, decades, generations, and racial divides. He wasn't defined by any label and what an amazing guitarist! 

Check out this virtuoso solo performance at the 2004 Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.  Prince is standing on the edge—rocking a red hat—then tak…