Two Days, Three Neighbors, Ugly Space Transformed Into Mini Garden

You never know what might happen when you actually make contact with your neighbors.

I commented in passing to the couple who lives on the front of our tiny community  on how lovely their tiny garden space is. That got them talking, for the first time since I moved here just before the turn of the century. Him,  I'd said "hello" to when our paths crossed near the gate. Her, I'd never said anything at all.

 But the icebreaker opened the floodgates and I learned not only her name (his I knew because he's active in HOA) but that they'd  just launched a landscaping firm and were doing small spaces. I also learned that it's the beginning of the plan for their "second act." As I've already begun my second act, I was really interested in their story. Long story short, before I learned of their new vocation, I mentioned that I longed to do something with this barren patch outside my garage.


Before long, they were offering to help me achieve my goal, which was, now that I'm at home everyday, I'd like a much more pleasant view when I look out the kitchen window. I told them I wanted to work with them, but  frankly I didn't know whether I'd just contracted them for a job.

I did want to work in the yard.  I've missed that since moving back into the city from my country cottage where the garden was growing out of control, beautifully so.

My neighbors emailed ideas (I wanted a spot of color, drought resistance, easy care) and I selected the orange and purple blooms. If  the space doesn't first succumb to extreme temperatures brought on by global warming -- the next owners will have be able to enjoy a beautiful garden patch.

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