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Six Figures to Zero, Type A to Type Z - Same Challenges in Retirement

I am SO glad a friend recently asked me at lunch why I wanted all of the jobs I'd been pursuing -- this after I explained to her how I could actually do two of them if hired for both.
Her question haunted to me. I had an answer  -- but that's a topic for another post.

 I had to think about my motivation, especially considering there are some things associated with returning to the workforce that I know I'd hate  -- like the morning commute or having to get dressed and leave home on the coldest day of winter.
That lunch conversation prompted me to search out articles on how to manage in  retirement. I was mostly looking for advice on how to land a job when I discovered some blogs written by people who are in retirement, just starting retirement, or about to go into retirement.
Before, I had focused  only on the scary stuff -- how to make your money last, where to live, how to find your passion, etc.
The real life comments highlight things not covered by the practical advice from…