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Pretty Little (Edible) Things

With no grill to fire up on this Fourth of July, I am feeling a bit nostalgic for holidays from way back -- way, way back, when my extended family gathered in the grands' big backyard for barbecues. Grandpa never had a store-bought grill. He constructed one from cinderblocks and stationed it in the middle of a yard bordered by two vegetable gardens and a rear ground section shaded by a grapevine canopy.

There was also a wooden ice cream bucket with a hand crank. It took hours and hours to churn out a bucket of ice cream and for whatever reason, it was always vanilla. I wonder whether those holiday gatherings with "real" food -- some of it straight from the garden -- and beautiful, mouthwatering side dishes prepared by the aunts is where I began to develop an eye for the artfully laid out plate.

Pretty, delicious and lovingly prepared. Nothing makes me happier than having a feast for my eyes -- lovely presentation and color -- before I devour the contents of my plate.