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Moving On, On a New Journey, Journey's End… I'm Done

One of the things I will truly miss about my years in the news business are those dreadful Washington-style resignation statements.

You know something has gone terribly wrong somewhere in or around the U.S. Capitol when officials say they are quitting to "spend more time with family" or something similar and equally vague.

Sometimes those resignations were a little sad, but mostly they were a little delicious because you just knew it was not the entire story.

The first word on the latest high-profile version came from CNN telling us Liz Cheney was calling it quits.
For whatever reason,  she decided that pursuing the U.S. Senate in Wyoming was just not a good thing at this time.

Ms. Liz cites a family health issue -- and if that's the case, God Bless her. And if it isn't, let's give thanks that there was no sex scandal involved (Hello Anthony Weiner,  knighted by The New York Times as a digital Lothario).

I've always wanted to use that "stepping down to spend m…