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Holy Friday, it's Easter Weekend

Good Friday was a company holiday, which is a bit like a bonus win. It sneaks up on you and it could come on any given Friday in the Spring. I spent my bonus day finishing one dreadful task and beginning another fun one.

Let's start with the dreadful -- shelling out a few hundred dollars to pickup my complicated tax returns.
While the cost came as a blow, it was worth it.

The very delightful tax pro shined a light on things that would never have occurred to me and brought an end to a huge, throbbing headache.

For the past decade or so, I'd been using TurboTax, which is fine when everything is the same year in and year out.

 I started out with TurboTax this year but quickly sought professional help when the running tally at the top of the page showed I owed $23,000 in federal taxes! My head had been pounding ever since. I'd already started obsessing over how I could possibly  manage a payment plan while drowning in deep, depressing, debilitating debt.

What did i do wron…