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2013 starts like 2012

It's kinda like the film "Ground Hog Day"-- the concept, not the comedy.

A year later, I find myself back in the same place where I was on this date in 2012 ... saddened by the deteriorating condition of a loved one and the heavy, hopeless feeling you get from not being able to do anything to help them.

Again, I find myself struck by the inability to find the words to express how I feel about the one who's struggling.
Again, I'm experiencing the deep sorrow of not knowing how to comfort others who share my sense of loss.

But in many ways,  after exactly 365 days of coping with what I'm sure will be the greatest loss I'll ever face, I'm better prepared to handle what lies ahead.

What have I learned in this past year? That you can't will away feelingsThat loss and the pain that comes with it is inevitableThat it's okay to cry whenever you feel like it  That courage and living every day with purpose is admirableThat every one's life touches s…