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A lot can happen in four months.
Gabby Douglas makes history at the London OlympicsSpace probe Curiosity lands on MarsJuly 2012 designated the hottest month everMitt Romney becomes GOP presidential nomineeThe realization that I am an amazing woman* But perhaps none of those things are more momentous to me than the realization that the adjustment is happening.

I knew it on the day that, for the first time, I refer to my tiny New York apartment as home. I'm not missing my two-bedroom, three-level home with garage like an amputee feeling a phantom limb.
It was on the train ride back from my sister's home in Virginia. I'm going home, I told myself and I smiled.

It happened when I was able to spend two days "at home" on vacation, able to just be in the apartment and stroll, without purpose, through my new neighborhood. A spa treatment at the Mandarin Oriental no doubt helped me relax. I had been exhausted -- almost to the breaking point -- and didn't even know it.