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Return to the Land of the Living

I'm back. Deeply inspired by Orphaned Blogs - a call by communications consultant Hillary Shay to return to your once fabulous, now forgotten blog - so that's what I'm doing.

It's been a long stretch since January 3rd when I got the call saying that my mother  "was not going to make it." She'd been rushed to the hospital in Atlanta, suffering from what we now know was a stroke and other complications. Since then, I'm been living in limbo with my thoughts stuck on what's next and how will my siblings and I manage.

Will she awake from her non-responsive state? (she did) Will she be able to speak again? (she is) Will she be able to manage on her own again? Where will she live? And the one weighing most on me -- How will be pay for treatment and care? The unknown is a dreadful thing.

Suddenly, my life changed. Reading about the little known Social Security benefits or researching the best places for retirement, or drooling over the latest Bon Appetit…