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Staycation vs. vacation

Save money. Complete my "to do" list. Clear the house of clutter.  Reorganize the kitchen. Visit the tourist sites and museums that I never made time for before. Home makeover projects. Catch up on my reading. Get to bed early and sleep for eight hours. Take a few day trips.

Those were all of the things on the agenda for what was supposed to be a relaxing stay-at-home vacation.

But as it turns out, almost nothing on the list was accomplished. I did finish the  first book in the very dark "Hunger Games"  trilogy (here's a review) which I'd started several months earlier during my last vacation. And I did read "Barrel Child," a novel published by a colleague. And I made a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner. But most of the time was spent longingly looking at places I could have gone and mindlessly watching every episode of  "Criminal Minds."