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Journey to Istanbul

Thanks to my expat friends in Istanbul and their welcoming community of like-minded souls, Summer Vacation 2011 was more adventure-filled than I could have dreamed.
I'm ready for a return trip, but until that happens I'll just have to relive it all through memories. And the photos. Here are just a few (more)

Photos by JAllen on Flickr.

Nights and Days in Istanbul

In keeping with my "great life" theme of one fabulous vacation every year, in 2011 the destination was Istanbul.

In the immediate days preceding my departure in late June, I grew a little anxious. News about Syrian refugees flooding across the border;  Turkish Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan's domestic problems and concern about my comfort zone in a culture totally foreign to me combined to give me the jitters.

But once I settled-in on my non-stop Turkish Airlines flight to the Turkish capital, I felt just fine. And when I stepped off the plane at Ataturk Airport and found my friends waiting for me with the biggest (and most artistic) "welcome" sign I'd ever seen -- I embarked on the most fun vacation I've had yet.

It'll be hard to beat this one, but I'm already planning for my next great adventure in 2012.

Here are a few vacation snapshots:

Vacation, 2011