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Road Trip and Rites of Spring

Two things in my life are a sure sign that Spring is really, really here -- the trek to the Philadelphia Flower Show and the switch to Daylight Savings Time (why?). I can't be certain -- but I think that 2011 marks the first time the two have coincided. Maybe that's why the van ride with five friends felt so special this time.

Even though it's always the same.
We meet at  someone's home at 8am for breakfast, pack food and reading material into the van for the drive north, stop at a Delaware welcome center for bathroom break and coffee, arrive at the Philadelphia Convention Center just before noon, tour the show, spend time in the cramped Reading Terminal Market and then lunch at Maggianos. And then drive south. (I-95 is a wonderful thing)

But this year felt different -- last year we were all in a sad state -- but trying hard to be cheerful --  because of the organizer's pancreatic cancer diagnosis. This year we were celebrating that she's still with us, a  happy…