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Romney Still Mum on 2012 Presidential Run

By the time Mitt Romney's "the door's still open" (and "No Apology" book promotion) tour landed at CNN Tuesday evening, the potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate had swapped the proverbial door for an option.

And he still was  not answering THE question, the only thing inquiring minds political junkies want to know:  Are you going to make another run for the White House?

"I don't have an answer for you yet because there are a lot of things you have to consider before you make that final decision. Clearly I'm doing the things like other folks are doing to keep to the option open," the former Massachusetts governor said in an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan.

Romney -- one of John McCain's primary opponents in 2008 -- began the day with a sit-down chat on ABC's morning show and capped it with a stand-up act, a good-sport reading of the "Top Ten" list on David Letterman's Late Night show. 

All the whil…