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Happy Thanksgiving - Eat, Pray, Eat

Funny man George Wallace, on CNN (why?), captures my feelings about feasting on Thanksgiving -- go for it. Eat like it's your last day on earth, Wallace advises.

There's no point in sticking with the healthy eating routine on this annual holiday that's dedicated to eating if there's not going to be another day, right?

I choose to take my chance encounter with Wallace as some sort of cosmic sign, considering the sage comedian's comments came on the day that I recommitted myself to a healthy, balanced diet (with just enough caloric intake to safely shed  two pounds a week -- when paired with sufficient physical activity). Or maybe I only vowed to recommit.

Whatever. Wallace's words just reached out to me on the day that I was planning ahead for how I might enjoy Thanksgiving ingesting just 12-14 food weight points? Already, I was stressing out and feeling regret over the gravy I would pass up and the cranberry cava  cocktail I would turn away.

Stress be gone. I&…

To Market, To Market

So glad to be back on my Saturday Autumn routine.
Walk to the market. Buy fruit and veggies. Walk back home. Exercise and healthy food for the week. Nothing like multitasking.

Now if I could just find someone to prepare the food and pack lunches and dinners for the week, I'd be one really happy person.

Here's a look at some of the sights from the market walk.

November 2010 Midterm Elections and Every Election

I voted today. I walked exactly five blocks to the district precinct and stood in line for maybe five minutes before casting my vote.

I vote in every election that I can. Not because it's a privilege to do so, but because it's a duty and responsibility to my parents, my grandparents and all of the people who came before me who struggled so hard for me to be able to go into a voting booth-- without fear or intimidation -- pick up a pencil and darken a circle on a sheet of paper (or make my selection on a touch screen).

I can do that, thanks to the Voting Rights Act. But there's a lot of history between the struggle and the triumph of me actually being to vote. Even if there's nobody on the ballot that I feel is worthy of my vote and I still do it, because it always counts.

It counts because  the right to vote and how I actually acquired it on the backs of so many who endured so much that I can't even imagine -- from marches, to protests met with violence to the res…