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Unfriend, Say Goodbye to Facebook Friends

How do you know when it's time to unfriend some of your Facebook friends? And is there an easy way to do it? Those questions are heavy on my mind because, right now, some people are beginning to feel like stalkers and some people who are friends in real life are just plain annoying on Facebook.

An Internet search for the social media etiquette involved in unfriending gave me the courage to just let them go. Er, actually it was this guy:

Don't Worry About It. It's not real or meaningful or consequential or some sort of sacrifice.

If you unfriend the people you no longer want posting on your Wall, they will know it. And then you have to worry about, or at least consider, what that will do to your real world relationship. Now, I'm obsessing over the meaning of friendship.

Obsessing is a good thing. It reinforces  (at least for me) the point that real world and virtual world relationships really are different and virtual world relationships should be even more precisely de…