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Friday Excursions

Now that Fall has actually arrived, I celebrated with the first of what one hopes will be many Friday excursions. Yesterday a mini-roadtrip to the Western Shore. I didn't think to record the entire experience so here's just what I inadvertently captured on the Blackberry (along with a shot of the previous week's meal during my in-town excursion to the harbor)

I'm feeling a little sad that I didn't document all of my Friday excursions this year. There haven't been many. Had a hard time readjusting to normal after that two-year detour. But I'm back now and vowing to make each Friday special, because who knows how long this perk will last.

Free Fall

Just like that, the mosquitoes are gone. That and the cool, brisk night are hopeful signs that the dreadful summer of 2010 may be history. I'm hopeful autumn has arrived ahead of schedule.

But this is swampland, known for Indian summers, when humidity and high temperatures suddenly return for week-long stretches at a time. Just to annoy me.

I do believe that weather has a powerful influence on mood, on behavior. I know it's had a powerful impact on my electric bills and on my psyche. Really, how many consecutive days can one listen to the drone of the air conditioning unit without going totally nuts? I do believe this has been the most  miserable summer heat on record here -- or at least the most miserable one I can remember. I hope it's gone.

I can't wait to pull out my collection of fabulous boots and chic leather jackets and cute gloves. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love my fall wardrobe and look forward to adding fashionable season updates. I love layers…