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Good to be Grown

The end of a perfect day in New York City. A frosty Italian beer and a vine tomato salad with grilled salmon, on the patio of a little place I stumbled upon near Penn Station. It was a table for one. I drank the beer and drank in the sunshine. I enjoyed my company. I love being grown.

The meal capped a very pleasant day that included a first-round  interview -- for a job in New York. I left there feeling pretty good -- about the interview, about myself. I had been worried going in because I had not done any mock interviews or practiced making up answers to the scary interview questions you know are coming.

A few days ago I was feeling pretty down about turning 56. I mean, it's  just four years away from 60.  After allowing myself several days of feeling like life as I knew it was over and staring in the mirror willing my waistline to return to its 40-year-old-self, I have embraced the light.  I'm happy  finally to be grown.

As in grown folks can do whatever they want to whene…