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Independence Day with Ray

What can I say?

Nothing makes me feel more American than Ray Charles singing "America the Beautiful."

I saw him perform this with the National Symphony Orchestra on July 4th on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

It was One of the more memorable and moving live performances I've ever experienced.

The horns blaring at the beginning and the deep sound of the kettle drums resonating at the end  -- followed by the firing of cannons and then fireworks, impressive (militaristic, yes but you gotta appreciate the fabulosity of precision and showmanship -- besides my tax dollars helped pay for it).

Witnessing the genius of Brother Ray performing one of his signature songs brought tears to me eyes then and I am still moved to tears every time I hear a recording of it.

The lyrics make me sad because it is a song filled with so much promise and a vision of what we could be, could be, but never seem to be quite close to getting there.

Thanks Ray Charles for giving me hope, because with…