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Grand role model

What can I say about Lena Horne?
Elegant, glamorous, talented, and a role model for accepting gracefully the rewards of age. A role model for how to be you, at whatever age. Thanks Ms. Horne, for being a living example of how wonderful growing old and wise can be.
She lived quite a life.

Lena Horne on Rosie O'Donnell

I appreciate the talent and the beauty and the public barrier-breaking. But it is the life off-stage, the tribulations endured long before I got here, the dignity and grace and quiet contributions that I treasure most about the life she lived. Ms. Horne died on Sunday. She was 92.

Lena Horne with Johnny Carson in 1982

Great Old Broad

Betty White is one of my "old broad" role models. Real talent never gets old, it gets golden. No Golden Girls pun intended.  She just gets better and better. She's funny and smart and really in tip-top performing mode -- at 88 and counting. Impeccable timing. And that's how I want to be: Smart enough to appreciate the rewards of age. And smart enough to appreciate what the youngsters are up too so I can continue to live in the here and now. As an "old broad in training" it is important to respect the children and let them go ahead and think they're reinventing the wheel. We know different, but we don't have to tell them. Don't laugh at them, they'll learn. Now, take a lesson from Ms. Betty.

Yes I Did

Yes I survived grad school. And now that it's over, I find myself strangely devoid of feelings. Or maybe two or more feelings on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum cancel each other out. Or maybe it's just menopause.

I'm feeling a little sad because I will miss my comrades in cohort 11,  the 15 wonderful men and women with whom I spent practically every Saturday for a year-and-a-half. The hermit in me would never make new friends or spend more time than absolutely necessary outside my home. Thanks guys for making it fun.

I'm feeling happy because the alarm clock never  again has to rattle me at 7am on a Saturday morning when I've just closed my eyes at 2am. I always resented having to go to bed early and would start the day feeling a little cranky and a lot anti-social. Thanks to old-school soul music on WPFW on the drive across town, my mood would be lifted (just a bit, though) by the time I slid into my seat in the classroom and plugged in my Mac.

I'm …