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Is it Autumn?

I don't know when Fall officially starts but I don't care because the past few days and today are my vision of what the most perfect autumnal season would be. No humidity, High 70s, windows wide open at night -- and best of all -- NO air conditioning.

Maybe I'll have an electricity bill this month that's not in the three figures.

Tomorrow, I'm dropping the top on the car and hitting the road on a day trip -- looking for a body of water and some wide open space. Or find a spot to sip espresso at an outdoor cafe and read Vanity Fair while planning the fantasy fall shopping spree that I am never going to take.

I want to idle away the time without a timepiece or cellphone and without reservations. I want the day to last forever.

I want to breathe in every minute of wonderful weather and enjoy the feel of the wisp of the gentl autumn-like breeze

..... before it disappears and the dreaded Indian summer returns for one last scorcher.