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Always Tomorrow

Tomorrow. I will make a list of all of the things I intend to do tomorrow -- today, let us think about tomorrow and have a little fun.

Now that I am inspired... tomorrow:

I will iron the shirts and blouses stashed away in the drawers and closet because maybe if I ironed I actually might have something to wear tomorrow.

And then I will exercise for an hour because I know I need to and maybe my clothes will fit again and I won't have to iron or clear the closet of all of those great outfits I am going to fit into again tomorrow.

And then I will pick up one of the dozen books piled up on the bedside table and read again because I never make time to finish them because I am always going to set aside an hour for reading tomorrow.

And then I will paint the bathroom because it's a quick way to change the look without spending a lot of money and I will do it now because I never made time to do it after I bought the paint supplies ages ago and made plans to do it tomorrow.

And then I wil…

Contain Yourself

Welcome back sunshine. It's 60 degrees today and it finally looks and feels like Spring. My soul is lifted. Three Sunday brunches in a row -- one long-standing tradition, one new invite and one new restaurant. The taxes are done and filed on time, despite major snafu involving old company and stock. Beware of mergers!!! Twelve-page research paper is almost done, save for the "research" that needs to be added.

Life is good and now it's time to reward myself with the annual spring container garden planting ritual.

I got a head start last weekend, planting -- or rather placing -- miniature root balls purchased at the Philadelphia Flower show. So in a few weeks, I should have lots of basil and some black-eyed susans. I also bought a flowering maple which will be interesting because I have never seen one of those before. When I bought it, it had beautiful tiny peachy-colored blooms. But they soon fell off and I've seen no more.

The color theme this year will be golden ye…