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Leave Me Alone

This is how I know I will never give up my car (ok, so it's a luxury convertible -- but that's not the point).

I hate public transportation. The key word here is "public." I never take the bus and hardly ever use cabs. That leaves the subway, which really is the best way to get around on weekdays.

As convenient as it is (if you live in the heart of the city, as I do), I hate it. I hate being trapped underground with strangers. I especially hate being trapped in a subway car with strangers getting way too close. Strangers on the subway are just stranger than strangers on the street and you can not escape them once the subway doors shut.

Some people are babe magnets. Me, I am a magnet for strange people who ride the subway.

Today's encounter. A wild-eyed wild-haired middle-aged woman enters my car screaming at someone behind her -- only there's no one behind her. The car is half empty, but she plops down in the row of seats next to mine.

I can hear her mumbling angr…