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Tis the Season

I am at home on Christmas and at peace -- listening to my favorite holiday CDs and sipping pomegranate mimosas and basking in the beauty of my fabulous fake Christmas tree -- just as I planned. I had expected to be depressed right about now, having decided to sit this one out -- no shopping, no sales, no headaches in January when the credit card bills arrive. I waited and waited, all day yesterday, all day today -- but the depression never arrived. The one in my head -- not in the economy. I'm enjoying the pleasure of my company, alone on the biggest holiday of the year -- when everyone expects you to participate and like it. And guess what, I'm not feeling guilty about not getting bigger and better gifts for everyone in the family and thinking they'd be disappointed because I didn't come through.
It helps that half of the nieces and nephews are now adults and the other half no longer believes in Santa. The pressure is off. It feels great to have a holiday free of co…

Build Your Own Brand

Guest speaker John Bell had some good advice for working journalists who may be facing a shaky future as big media companies shed jobs.

 Journalists should consider doing their own thing, Bell advised. If you expect to make a living as a journalist in the future you can't afford not to build your own brand, he told Public Communication and Interactive Journalism students on Saturday.

Bell pointed to
The Huffington Post -- with its impressive roster of editors and correspondents -- as an example of what entrepreneurs can do. Bell described the site as a collection of personal brands publishing under a single banner.

Self-branding and being your own boss is great. But while you're waiting for your brand to take off, consider embracing the change that is sweeping the industry.

Freelance journalist Mark Glaser says the loss of traditional journalism jobs is offset by a rise in opportunties in digital media.

When The New York Times said last winter that it was
slashing 100 newsroom…